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Kool Kap™ Outdoor Condensing Unit Cover


Kool Kap is the world’s only permanent, protective air conditioning cover. No other cover made can protect your expensive air conditioner all year long. Kool Kaps are manufactured in three sizes that fit virtually every brand and model of air conditioner made, new or old.

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  • One-Time Permanent Installation Provides Year-Round Protection Automatically.
  • Helps Your System to Operate at Peak Efficiency.
  • Protects Against Build-Up of Dirt, Insects, Leaves and Debris That Can Harm Your Unit.
  • Keeps Rain, Snow and Ice from Getting into Your Unit and Causing it to Prematurely Rust.
  • High Impact, Lightweight Plastic Material is Impervious to the Sun’s Rays and is Virtually Indestructible.
  • Not for Use on Heat Pump Condensers During Winter Months when Snow can Inhibit Cover Operation.
  • 5-Year Manufacturers Replacement Warranty

Kool Kap is the only protective air conditioning cover made that is specifically designed to be a permanent addition to virtually any air conditioner. Kool Kaps are made of a virtually indestructible plastic that is so durable it’s even impervious to the sun’s ultraviolet rays allowing it to last for the life of your system.

Kool Kaps never have to be removed or stored, instead they work with your air conditioner and protect all year long, no matter what the weather. Kool Kaps don’t develop holes, rips or tears, they don’t trap moisture inside your air conditioner and they require no maintenance. Best of all, they are an attractive addition to any air conditioner. There is simply no better way to cover and protect your air conditioner than with a Kool Kap.


  • Manufacturer: KoolKap
  • Dimensions 22" Across
  • Dimensions 26" Across
  • Dimensions 30" Across
  • Warranty: Manufacturers 5-year Replacement Warranty

Protect Your A/C With A Quality, Custom Made Cover

  • Any Brand, Model, Age or Size
    Carrier, Lennox, Trane, Bryant, York, Comfortmaker, Bard, Heil, Coleman, Amana, Rheem, American Standard, Janitrol, Tempstar, Armstrong, Sanyo, Arcoaire …. and many, many more
  • Specially designed to eliminate condensation build-up problems
    We've worked with experts in the industry to design a cover that eliminates condensation build-up.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors.
    Black, Gray, Navy Blue, Beige, Brown, Teal, Chestnut, Maroon & Evergreen (not pictured).

Available in 9 Color Options!

Black CoverGray CoverNavy Blue CoverBeige Cover

Brown CoverTeal CoverChestnut CoverMaroon Cover

  • If they built it we can cover it - window unit and mobile home units included.
    With over 4,000 designs available we can create a cover for any unit regardless of brand, age or size.
  • Quick and Easy Ordering - All We Need Is the Brand and Model Number
    No part numbers or special codes. All we need is the brand and model number of your unit.
  • Mold, Mildew, UV and Fade Resistant
    The material we use is specially treated to be resistant to many of the problems that you run into with lesser quality cotton, canvas or cheap vinyl knock-offs.
  • Constructed of high quality, durable, heavy weight fleece lined vinyl
    This isn't the flimsy cover you'll find at the local hardware store. 
  • A Custom Glove Like Fit Every Time
    A custom, glove like fit every time.
  • Easy On, Easy Off
    It slides on, and slides off, but is guaranteed to never blow off!
  • Easy to Clean
    Spray it down with a hose and you're done. If you really want to get fancy and go that little extra step, wipe it off with a little Armor All.

  • Why do I need to cover my air conditioner ?
    Your air conditioner is an investment that should bring you years of cool relaxing comfort through the "scorching, sweaty months". Repeated beatings by the nature (ice, snow, sleet, salty sea air) and build-up of debris (leaves, twigs, pine needles, pine cones, acorns, etc.) in and around your unit decreases efficiency, causes damage and over the years will lead to the components becoming rusted and corroded. By protecting that investment not only do you insure a longer life for your air conditioner, you insure that it works at it's optimal efficiency throughout it's entire lifetime - keeping you cool and saving you money. By keeping your air conditioner unit clean and protected you save money in a number of different ways :
    • You extend the life of your unit.
    • You increase the efficiency of your unit - By keeping the condensing coil cleaner you allow it to run at peak efficiency, which not only improves the operation but also reduces your energy bills.
    • You decrease maintenance costs - Keep your unit cleaner, and protected means you have less that needs to be cleaned out, fixed or replaced before you dive into the summer.

BOTTOMLINE : Protecting your unit will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars and save you lots of sweat and frustration as you fight with a poorly working air conditioner in the hottest times of the year.

  • Why do I need a custom fit cover ? If your air conditioner cover is not properly designed and constructed it won't provide the protection that you're paying for. A custom designed cover will fit and protect your air conditioner like a glove. Sloppy, generic or poorly designed covers actually can do more harm than good because not only do they not protect your a/c they can lead to condensation build up which will speed up the destructive forces of rust and corrosion that you're trying to prevent. Loose fitting covers also make inviting targets for small animals and rodents who see your unit as a nice protected place to build a nest for the fall, which will lead to even more "debris" in your unit.
  • But I've heard that you're not suppose to cover your air conditioner ? This isn't an uncommon thing to be told and as we said in the question above, if you're using an improperly designed cover (cheap generic covers, plastic, garbage bags, etc.) you're actually setting yourself up for condensation problems, amongst other things, which will do more damage than not covering your unit at all.

    However, a properly designed, custom fitting and expertly constructed cover will protect your air conditioner, increase it's efficiency and save you money for years.

  • What kind of cover is best ?
    1. Custom Fit To Your Specific Unit
    2. Constructed of high quality, vinyl
    3. Mold and Mildew Resistant
    4. Specially designed to eliminate condensation build-up
    5. Easy to put on and easy to take off
    6. Easy to Keep Clean
  • How will I know if my cover fits properly ?
    1. It will be designed to your specific model number.
    2. It will fit snugly, but slide on and off easily.
    3. It will be designed to allow for proper air flow. If your cover goes all the way to the ground it will trap condensation and ruin your unit.
    4. It will look like a glove made for your air conditioner.
  • How does an A/C Cover prevent eliminate condensation build-up in my unit ?
    We've spent a lot of time with experts in the HVAC field designing the perfect cover. Our design leaves a precise amount of room between the base of your air conditioner and the bottom of the cover to insure proper air flow for your unit. Too much space and you're no longer protecting your unit and too little space and condensation builds up (this is why covers that go all the way to the base are so dangerous and damaging!). Our design has stood the test of time.

  • How do I clean my A/C Cover ?
    Wipe it off and put if away. If you want to get fancy and keep it looking extra sharp wipe a little Armor All vinyl protectant on it.>
  • Where do I find my make and model number ?
    If your unit is newly installed your Air Conditioning installer can give it to you. If your unit is a little bit older you can find it on a small metal tag or sticker on the back of your unit by the refrigerant line and electrical lines running from your unit to your house. The key number oftentimes it's a combination of numbers and letters) is the model number.
  • Is it safe to order on-line ?
    Absolutely! Our on-line order processing is the safest, most secure system available on the Internet.
  • How long will it take to get my A/C Cover ?
    Since every cover is custom made we don't make your cover until we receive your order to insure that it will fit your specific unit. Normal delivery time is two to five weeks. During peak season (Oct-Dec) these lead times frequently may increase to four to eight weeks.
  • Why can't I leave my A/C Cover on all year round ?
    You A/C Cover is specially designed for use when your air conditioner is not being used. Using your cover while your air conditioning is running can lead to damage to your air conditioner. Your cover can be used when the thermostat is set to Heat or Fan as long as you have a cooling only air conditioner condenser and not a heat pump.

Got a question that we haven't answered? No problem, just drop us a lineand we'll get you an answer!

CK Unit w/ Snow window unit

Once you have placed your order we will contact you via phone to obtain your air conditioners model number and answer any questions you may have.

Custom Made AC Cover

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