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Rheem ROBF112QBGA 140,000 BTU/h 80.0 % AFUE Upflow Oil Furnace

The Rheem High-Efficiency Oil Furnace combines state-of-the-art technology with old-world craftsmanship to deliver a furnace that looks good and delivers reliable comfort for years to come. Our dedication to ongoing research and development ensures that the Rheem High-Efficiency Oil Furnace design takes advantage of every meaningful advancement in home heating. This gas furnace has an AFUE rating of 80.0% which means that 80.0 cents of every $1.00 of heating energy expense warms your home.


  Price $2,178.00

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  • The Rheem Classic Series® Premium Class upflow oil furnace is for installation in utility rooms, closets, or alcoves.
  • Direct drive blower assemblies for heating and air conditioning
  • A crimped design stainless steel heat exchanger for efficient heat
  • Low profile design is lighter, easier to handle, and replaces the
    old style highboy and lowboy models.
  • Removable flue box to easily clean secondary heat exchanger.
  • Blower/motor combinations, cooling coil plenums, return air cabinets, and other air conditioning accessories are available for air
    conditioning applications.
  • Factory tested prior to shipment, each furnace is operated and
    checked by factory quality control to reduce problems at installation.
  • Rheem Classic oil furnaces offer a wide selection of models and
    types for almost any installation.
  • All oil furnace models are completely factory assembled with
    burner mounted ready for operation.
  • Adjustable solid state fan cycle control.
  • Solid-state microprocessor control.
  • Indicator light to monitor the burner flame status for improved
  • Clean-cut solenoid controlled oil pump with pre and post purge to
    prevent oil dripping before and after burn thereby reducing nuisance odors.
  • Product Reference Guides

    Rheem ROBF Brochure Rheem ROBF Specification Rheem ROBF Install Manual
    Consumer Brochure
    ROBF Specification Sheet
    ROBF Install Manual

    This furnace will work in the following configurations:

    How Efficient Is Your Furnace?

    If it was manufactured before 1992, chances are it operates at an efficiency rating of 65 Percent or less. An Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating of 65 Percent means a furnace only generates about 65 Percent worth of heat for every dollar's worth of fuel. Since 1992, federal regulation has required that all furnaces operate at an AFUE of at least 78 Percent. Rheem High-Efficiency Oil Furnaces exceed these requirements with AFUE ratings above 80 Percent , so replacing your exisiting oil furnace with a high-efficiency Rheem model can help you reduce heating costs considerably.

    Rheem Dependability

    Stainless steel primary and secondary heat exchangers are built right into every Rheem Oil Furnace. These heat exchangers distribute heating comfort evenly throughout your home. Rheem Oil Furnaces heat exchangers are so reliable, they carry a limited lifetime warranty. Other innovative features, like the specially designed high-efficiency oil burner, make the Rheem High-Efficiency Oil Furnace one of the best value-for-money furnaces on the market today.

    Rheem Manufacturing Company

    Rheem Manufacturing has been a trusted name in the United States for many years. One of the world's leading manufacturers of central heating and cooling products, Rheem distributes its full line of residential and commercial products around the globe.

    Rheem Manufacturing Company was established in the mid-1920s when brothers Richard and Donald Rheem acquired a galvanizing plant in San Francisco, California. They opened another plant near Los Angeles a decade later and began manufacturing water heaters. By 1936, Rheem had coast to coast distribution, and during the 1940s and 1950s, increased its product line to include space heating units for homes, oil furnaces and air conditioners. As the company grows, it continues to expand its line of residential and commercial products worldwide.

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    Model Rated Heating Input (BTU/H)* Rated Heating Output (BTU/H) Available Cooling
    @ 0.5" ESP (tons)
    W x D x H
    Shipping Weight
    84,000 67,200 3.0 21" x 28-3/4" x 46" 160
    140,000 112,000 4.0 24-1/2" x 28-3/4" x 46" 198
    189,000 151,200 5.0 28" x 28-3/4" x 49" 207

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      Price $2,178.00

    Press the ADD TO CART button above to see a full list of accessories that may be purchased with this system.