Ductwork Supplies

Flexible duct systems are ideal for the do-it-yourselfer, as they are easy to install and are useful in a wide variety of applications. ExpressHVAC provides the highest quality duct materials. We use premium extruded return and supply grilles, R6 insulated flex duct, and top quality duct board and premium sealants. Distribution boxes and plenums are custom fabricated right here in our shop for your order. No hassles or worries about compatibility with your new system.

Minimum duct supply order without equipment purchase - $350.00


ATCO 36 Series R-6
Indoor Foil Flex
4" to 18"

ATCO 40 Series
Mobile Home (Outdoor)
Flex 6" to 14"

Mastics & Accessories

Flex Duct Accessories


Tab Collars

Register Boxes Without Collars

One Way Grilles And Registers

Four Way Grilles

Sidewall Extruded

Extruded Returns

Mobile Home Floor Grilles

Extruded Filterback Returns

Secondary Drain Pans

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