ComfortStar 23,200 / 24,400 Btu/h Ductless Mini-Split System A/C & Heat Pump

Model CHH024CD-13 14.0 SEER R-410A Inverter


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Standard Features
The New R410A Series offers the following features:

  • Active carbon electrostatic fiber filter: Electrostatic fiber filter traps small dust particles, smoke and pet fur to prevent allergic reactions. Active carbon filter eliminates odors such as ammonia.
  • Auto Restart & memory Function: A power failure will not cause any settings to be lost, thus eliminating the need for re-programming.
  • High efficiency: With a high efficiency compressor and the most optimized heat exchange system, the unit achieve higher efficiency and contributes to further energy savings.
  • Golden Fin: Coated with anti corrosion golden layer on the coils to improve hydrophilic performance.
  • Swing Function: Allows the louver of the indoor unit to enhance the air distribution throughout the room.
  • 24 Hours Timer: Allows the unit to start and stop as desired.
  • Sleep Function: Adjusts the temperature while sleeping to make the room more comfortable.
  • 3 Speed Control: Will change the fan speed to 3 different settings to accommodate your needs.
  • Warranty - 5 Year Compressor - 1 Year Parts

ComfortStar Product Reference Guides

ComfortStar Ductless Brochure
ComfortStar Install Manual
Install Manual

ComfortStar USA is a nationally, as well as internationally, recognized of high quality and high efficient air conditioning & heating products. They offer Outdoor Condensing units & heat pumps, as well as Mini Split systems as air conditioning units alone and with heat pumps. Other products include; PTAC units, portable air conditioning units, air curtains, and dehumidifiers.

    Standard active carbon electrostatic fiber filter in all our mini-splits

    • Traps small dust particles
    • Smoke
    • Pet dander
    • Eliminates odors

    All for your well being…

    New environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant in all heat pump units

    • Reduces fossil fuel consumption and limits air pollution

    • Prevents ozone layer depletion

    More than a 30% increase in energy efficiency in comparison to the 10 SEER unit, therefore reducing your utility bill and increasing savings.

    SEER value of 16.0 in heat pump units, this represents up to a 23% above the 2006 “13 SEER” efficiency mandate.

    Environmentally friendly, reducing fossil fuel consumption and limiting air pollution. Heat pump units use environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant designed to prevent the depletion of the ozone layer.

    High efficiency compressor and coil, increases the unit size by only 3 inches from the 10 SEER units. Heat pump units use Inverter Technology to achieve even higher efficiency in the smaller sizes.

    Ductless systems provide less than 5% cooling loss which occurs in insulated refrigerant lines versus typical 40% loss through ducted systems.

    Single zone comfort for residential and light commercial applications: schools, nursing homes, apartments, computer and telephone rooms.

    Great for renovating or remodeling older homes.

    Quieter than a window unit, mini-splits are comprised of an indoor and an outdoor unit, which keeps noisy compressors and motors outdoors.

    Unlike window units, views will not be obstructed.

    Burglar free. Intruders cannot climb in through openings. The indoor unit is connected to the outdoor unit through a small 3 inch opening on the wall.

    Looks beautiful on the wall with the comfort of a remote control.

    Same power source from indoor unit to outdoor unit.

    1.) Mount indoor and outdoor units

    2.) Connect the refrigerant lines.

    3.) Make a few electrical connections.

    A Heat Pump System can provide both cooling and heating to your home within one
    system. During the heating season, heat pump moves heat from the cool outdoor into
    your warm house; during the cooling season, heat pump moves heat from your cool
    house into the warm outdoors. Heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to a
    furnace, because they move heat rather than generate heat. Our ComfortStar Plus Series
    Heat Pumps can provide up to 3.1 times the amount of heat compared to a same size
    electric heater.

    Because our Heat Pump units use the latest INVERTER compressors all our units exceed
    industry standards.

    At the heart of ComfortStar Plus Series Heat Pump system is the innovative inverter
    technology. The Inverter Controlled Compressor operates by changing the frequency from
    60Hz to a varying range (20Hz to 125 Hz). The inverter will control the compressor to
    modulate on a high frequency and rapidly reach desired temperature. When the desired
    temperature has been achieved, the inverter will control the compressor to run on a lower
    frequency to maintain precise temperature and consume less energy.

    Inverter Controlled Compressor maintains precise control of room temperature and
    creates a more comfortable environment. In conventional ON/OFF compressors, the
    compressor turns OFF once the set temperature is reached, and turns back ON after
    the temperature rises.

    The time it takes for the unit
    to switch on and off causes
    the room temperature
    to greatly fluctuate. With
    the Inverter Controlled
    Compressor, the power
    reduces once the desired
    temperature has been
    reached, but continues
    operating at a reduced state
    to maintain a stable room
    temperature with minimal

    With low-frequency operation,
    the system reduces the energy
    waste and provides the best

    Full Install Kit and Accessories Available
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